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Four outstanding feature films were screened in the first edition of animatex.


Multiple shorts from all over the world were also screened at different times and in different venues, in partnership with many animation festivals around the world such as Annecy, ARS Electronica and Tricky Women.

Calamity: a Childhood of Martha Jane Cannary

France/Denmark (2020) - 1hr 25min

1863, a convoy in the American West, Martha Jane needs to learn how to take care of horses to drive the family wagon. Except she ends up wearing pants and cutting her hair. The scandal that its stark character provokes will force to face all the dangers in a gigantic and wild world where everything is possible.

Friday 13 November, 1:00 pm

Cinema Zawya - Downtown

Mia and the Migoo

Italy/France (2008) - 1hr 32min

One night Mia has a premonition. So after saying a few words of parting at her mother's grave, she sets out on a journey across mountains and jungles to search for her father, who is trapped in a landslide at a remote construction site.

Friday 13 November, 3:00 pm

Cinema Zawya - Downtown


Jacob, Mimmi and the Talking Dogs

Latvia/Poland (2019) - 1hr 10min

Summer adventure story about two kids who spend summer in city suburb, where together with talking dogs they rescue the romantic wooden-house neighborhood from reconstruction.

Saturday 14 November, 1:00 pm

Cinema Zawya - Downtown

The Knight and The Princess

Egypt/Saudi Arabia (2019) - 1hr 35min

An unwavering young warrior's determination to save abducted women and children leads him to confront a brutal tyrant and his devious sorcerer.

Saturday 14 November, 3:00 pm

Cinema Zawya - Downtown


Best of Tricky Women 2020

You are still there (5'), Solar Mechanix 1.1 (4'), Knagglig (3'), Gerda Wunsch (7'), Me-LOG (7'), Fly us to the moons (6'), The Wet Hair (8'), Lanes (5'), How to adapt (2'), Late Season (8'), Glimpse of the Future (4'), Muybridge's Disobedient Horses (5')

Friday 13 November, 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Institut Francais - Mounira


Best of ARS Electronica 2019

Acid Rain (26'), Facing It (8'), Strings (6'), A Double Life (3'), Operation Jane Walk (17'),  Influencers (3'), Pulse (7'),
Les Éléphants Seront Contents (3')

Saturday 14 November, 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Institut Francais - Mounira


Best of Annecy for Kids 2020

Marche des Lumieres (1'), Warm Star (5'), Archie (5'), Nature (3'), Sous La Glace (7'), Catgot (3'), Like and Follow (2'), Boriya (17'), Cinema Rex (8')

Saturday 14 November, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Institut Francais - Mounira


Best of Annecy 2020

Kinshasa (1'), Wade (11'), Genius Loci (17'), Pile (4'), Homeless Home (16'), The Physics of Sorrow (28'), Awoko 70s (1')

Saturday 14 November, 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm

Institut Francais - Mounira


Shorts from the UK

Cage (5'), Chado (8'), Hit and Run (5'), Thank You (8'), Toyhood (4'), What Will You Do Now John (10')

Saturday 14 November, 2:00 pm - 2:45 pm

Institut Francais - Mounira


Shorts from Hungary

Symphony no. 42 (10'), Rabbit and Deer (16'), Streamschool (2'), Stonemason Kelemen (6'), The Drawer (6'), Ambassadors Of The Cosmos (9'), Hunor (12')

Saturday 14 November, 2:45 pm - 3:30 pm

Institut Francais - Mounira

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