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In the context of the 2021 Annecy International Film Festival and its focus on Africa, Annecy and the Mifa (Annecy International Animation Film Market) are expressing their interest in Egypt by offering young talents the opportunity to acquire funding, co-production deals or work collaborations for their projects, while also giving the creators the chance to take part in an international event they would normally not have access to.


EGYPT FOCUS @ MIFA is a Call for for short film projects in development, open to Egyptian professionals.

A creator/animator/filmmaker can send in a project either as a personal/individual piece of work or through a structure set up within his/her country.

Only projects with a complete digital file, sent to animatex:, before 20th of March 2021 will be considered.

The digital file must:

- be written in English
- contain all the required documents and respect the regulations below

- sent as 1 PDF file only

Registration is free of charge.
For any questions, please contact us on facebook, instagram or through email.


Your digital file must be registered and sent as 1 single PDF file only, not exceeding 50MBs. Free rein is given for the general presentation as long as all other required documents are in the file.

Registering a project must be done on an individual basis by its author(s).

Only one project per author can be submitted.

The project presented must not be part of a school syllabus or have been pre-purchased by a TV channel.

Any project already associated with a producer can be submitted but this must be stipulated. However, a producer cannot submit more than 3 short film projects.

Required documents for submitting a short film project:


• Narrative Elements (minimum 5 pages, maximum 10 pages)


-  synopsis (summary of the story)

- statement of intent or description of the project (origin, atmosphere, message, references, etc.) - maximum 1 page
- a project progress report, explaining the project’s development, eventual contract commitments (include the name of the producer where applicable) and expectations

• Graphic Elements (no length restriction)

-  storyboard (full or partial)
- available graphic elements: backgrounds/sets, characters, model sheets, graphic research materials, references, etc.

• Basic Administrative Elements

- CV of the author(s)
- a transfer of rights statement if the topic is taken from a work that already exists
- a signed and dated note confirming that the project has not been pre-purchased by a TV channel



This Calls for Projects is open to animated short film projects in development, presented by their authors irrespective of:

- techniques used: traditional, 3D, etc.
- target audience
- genre: fiction, documentary, educational, experimental, etc.

- age of the author



Only files that are complete and meet the conditions will be accepted, and a pre-selection of 5 projects will be managed by a committee, which will include leading industry professionals from Egypt.

The 5 projects will be submitted to Annecy’s representatives, and they will make the final selection of the winning project.


During the first week of April, an online workshop will be held with the 5 pre-selected participants to improve their skills in pitching their projects and will also include focus on distribution and monetization.



• The winner of EGYPT FOCUS @ MIFA will have the opportunity to pitch his/her project at the 2021 Annecy Film Festival, during the African spotlight among 4 or 5 others projects selected from other regions of the continent, as part of the Mifa 2021 official programme.


• The winner of EGYPT FOCUS @ MIFA will participate in a matchmaking session and will have more chances to meet professionals / partners, and will benefit from onsite and/or beforehand support such as: expertise, networking opportunities, and tech rehearsals.

• The winner of EGYPT FOCUS @ MIFA (one author maximum) will have his/her flight and accommodation expenses covered to participate to the 2021 Annecy Festival.

• The authors of the pre-selected 5 projects (including the winner) will get 1 free accreditation each, giving them access to all Annecy Festival and Mifa events.

The exact date of the online workshop will be announced end of March.


The selected project will have double visibility at the 2021 Mifa:

- one live pitch: 7-min maximum presentation (timed presentation), on stage in front of an audience of professionals
- one video pitch: a pre-self-recorded filmed presentation for digital broadcasting

The details about the 2 presentation forms will be discussed with the organizers.

All selected projects will be promoted through Annecy's website and all other Annecy communication mediums.

Considering the current health situation, the organizers reserve the right to change the terms of the regulations if  Annecy Mifa should take any other forms.



20 March: Projects submission deadline

31 March: Announcement of selected projects for the workshop

First week of April: Online workshop

15 April: Announcement of the selected project for MIFA at Annecy 2021

15-18 June: MIFA at Annecy 2021


The selected project author agree to make mention of their participation to EGYPT FOCUS @ MIFA 2021 in the film credits and to inform Annecy and animatex of any agreement signed, after the Festival or within the following months, thanks to their project presentation at the Mifa.


By accepting the present regulations, the entrant authorizes Annecy and animatex to reproduce and show, for free, graphic and audiovisual elements from the project such as a trailer, teaser or pilot supplied on registration, on all its communication mediums. Annecy will also archive these elements as part of its film conservation project.

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